Why the Butterfly Effect?:

Just as caterpillars have the genes to become butterflies, we too go through this process.  Changing from baby to child to adolescent to adult, are obvious, well-recognised stages.  However, psychologically all of us will experience changes several times during our lives: you may change marital status, become a parent, switch careers or if you’re lucky…win the lottery!

The Butterfly Effect metaphor is rooted in chaos theory, describing how a flap of a butterfly’s wings in one place can set off a tornado in another. It grasps the awareness of how small compassionate interactions between individuals within families, friends and organisations give rise to new understandings of mutuality.

So many of us substitute busyness for real living, going through our lives numb.  Our relationships and community ties are weaker, we are encouraged to focus on money and image from all directions, people are feeling personally disconnected, experiencing more anxiety, depression and loneliness than ever before.  They simply exist and have allowed so many parts of themselves to disappear: passion, energy, connection and joy.

It’s not enough!  Every one of us is unique and has incredible worth.  Digesting what we have experienced, by connecting with our inner selves and letting go of what is not serving us, is part of our psychological metamorphosis and the key to happiness