I had the pleasure of working with Dr Mariya Ali during my tenure in Maldives. I worked with Mariya in her capacity as a Deputy Minister for Health and Family leading family policy and initiatives with children. Mariya clearly had a passion for doing the right thing, and as a result we were able to setup the first MOU between Government and a resort for community partnership.

During the time I worked with Mariya I found her to be extremely approachable, open to explore different ways of doing business and very focused on delivering reputable, impactful policy that enhanced the lives of many children in need.

I truly wouldn’t hesitate in working with Mariya again in any capacity, as I find her approach and outlook extremely refreshing.

General Manager at Le Meridien Saigon


Mariya is an amazing speaker and I really enjoyed hearing more about her story and work. We have had some great feedback from some of the alumni who attended, who said they found her incredibly inspiring and really enjoyed the event.

Fromer BCom Marketing and Public Relations
Alumni & Community Relations Coordinator | Office of Advancement Corporate Relations
Curtin University of Technology (Western Australia)

Mariya is an inspiring speaker. I was part of the audience at Curtin University in 2017 where she enthralled us with her life story of growing up in the Islamic Republic of the Maldives in politically challenging times and her following moves to Australia and England to advance her studies and then her work in her chosen field of child abuse particularly in an Islamic society when she returned to the Maldives as the Deputy Minister for Health.

Author/Playwright/ Retired Drug and Alcohol Counsellor – Australia


Mariya is a visionary with a focused passion to make lives better for the most vulnerable in society, particularly children. I have witnessed perseverance as one of her virtues and this is where her creativity comes in. If one door closes she will find another door. Mariya is a dedicated team member, hardworking and trustworthy. With these qualities she makes an extremely valuable coach to teams and leaders.

Former Minister of Gender and Family
(Current role: Executive Director Villa College)


Mariya works very quickly and efficiently. She is a hands-on person and has a can-do approach and attitude. She is emotionally intelligent, putting her staff at the heart of what she does. She makes time to talk to her staff to ensure their concerns are heard and any problems are addressed and resolved.

Working with Mariya was a fun, rewarding and enriching experience. Her leadership style is creative, nurturing, approachable and fair and in this way she gets the best from the people she works with.

Charity worker, England


Working with Dr Mariya Ali has been one of the best experiences I’ve gained throughout my professional life. Her passion for the protection of vulnerable groups is inspirational. With eagerness and commitment, she was more than a leader to the whole team, but a great mentor who has guided and motivated to work ethically and professionally. I highly regard her as a leader who has made the best contribution to the development of my professional life.

Former Social Worker, Ministry of Health and Family, Maldives


I had the pleasure of working with Mariya during the time she served as Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Health and Family of the Maldives. Regardless of her high position at the Ministry, Mariya employed a very interactive style of management, which made working with her very easy and pleasant. Her passion for improving women and children’s rights was very inspiring and her guidance helped me become a more conscientious social worker.

Former Social Worker, Ministry of Health and Family, Maldives


Mariya was an exceptionally great leader. It was a wonderful pleasure working with her as she connected us to the organisation’s goals by using our inputs and encouraging our commitment. She helped us grow as a team teaching us how to face and confront challenges to reach long term goals with her guidance and personal experience.

Social Work Manager